Huge Shift

Posted: June 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

I guess I’m just stopping by to say that my spirituality , tarot and astrology have really really been my focus as of late.

The more I observe my life force , my intuition, and follow my gut , whilst really tuning in to my readings , and learning about the amazing influence of the moon and astrology, I have really REALLY started to float away from life’s mundane issues.

It’s very hard to explain. But I am so in tune with vibes , energies , the planetary and moon positions, tarot, Lenormand and tune reading .

I felt this real pull towards my new life after I shut my YouTube channel down, went through a very very intense processing of events , and then boom- I just KNEW where I was going. That was months ago, and here I am.

Different everything. This is what the doctor called for. I truly know it.

I’ve been instinctively following the energies that previously were felt , yet ignored. These shifts in mood , feelings, impulsive changes , etc.

I can’t say that they were all due to BPD.

As I’ve developed my spiritual gift of being a card reader , over the last 3-4 years, I honestly am coming to a very strange point where I know things are going to happen before they do. I have these sudden ” downloads” of new ideas , and gut feelings mixed with visuals of how things are going to unfold , and my God , they seem to be getting more accurate and predictable by the day.

I guess you couuuuld say that I’ve graduated to a new level of consciousness. One that truly guides me through the storms , and leads me to answers that I think were always there , but I wasn’t ready to believe or see that I was such a highly spiritual and sensitive person.

I don’t know , it sounds crazy, and perhaps this is me going insane without knowing lol. But I have this lightness about me, and this real sense of security on my path. All I can do is listen closely , and follow.

I believe we all have the ability. I have to thank YouTube I guess for allowing me to find people that are teaching me so so much. Whatever people may think, I don’t seem bothered these days.

Excited to see how life unfolds …I am surely taking pictures, video, and journaling the whole unveiling.



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